Why is Super Dragon Ball Heroes the Worst Dragon Ball Series to Date?

One of the most loved and biggest media franchises in Japan, Dragon Ball is undoubtedly a worldwide phenomenon that has taken the world by storm since its release. However, lately, things have gone completely off-track as the new spin-off series was something that wasn’t required from the iconic manga.

An unnecessary installment that was detestable in all aspects from runtime, storylines, and production cost to animation, marketing, and release schedule. It was a project that was bound to fail as it was essentially a marketing gimmick developed to promote the Super Dragon Ball Heroes video game.

Hence, we witnessed an inconsistent and incoherent calamity that not only damaged the legacy of the ongoing series but at the same time undermined the global success of Dragon Ball Super. The major mistake of the developers was that it was promoted as part of the original anime series when it had nothing to do with it and had an independent plot and characters besides some of the main ones.

If you still haven’t watched it and thinking about investing your precious time in the series then our advice would be to skip it in its entirety as watching the old series would be a much better experience than watching this abysmal abomination.

The Best Way to Enjoy Dragon Ball Z

The best way to enjoy Dragon Ball Z is in 4K Ultra HD or 4K UHD. There are many remastered editions of the iconic series and its movies available online today. All you need is a fast-speed and reliable internet connection that has your back when everything else lags and buffers.

If your present provider is as dreadful as Super Dragon Ball Heroes then for the best anime experience we would recommend Xfinity Internet as the partner of choice. So, to see the best Kamehameha or Kaio-Ken in a new light, call Xfinity customer service team for more details.

A Brief Overview of the Manga’s and Anime’s Global Popularity

Dragon Ball Z ranks among the most successful manga and anime series of all time. It is one of the first anime series to reach global recognition across 80+ countries with the manga serialization being read in 40+ countries. A feat that no other series has replicated in the same amount of time.

The anime may not be the most critically acclaimed, but from a pure entertainment perspective, it packs a punch like no other. Hence, we rank it within our top 5 popular anime series of all time with the likes of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Naruto Shippuden, One Piece, and Demon Slayer.

The series has become a major pop-culture phenomenon that has penetrated deeply into multiple diverse social and cultural spheres. From blockbuster movies to trend-setting series, the series has given us many memories that we cherish to this very day.

For instance, from dressing up on Halloween as Son Goku, emulating Kamehameha whenever we get the chance, and Thanksgiving parades to action figures, toys, and the meme culture of today, the impact can be seen everywhere in 21st-century pop culture.

How Come Dragon Ball Z and Super Were a Raving Success?

Both anime series were raging successes as they were closely connected to the original manga series in terms of plot construction and moreover, provided lucid action-packed adventures that accommodated all types of audiences with their comedy, action, thrill, and adventure.

Dragon Ball Z was an extensive project that had many iconic sagas containing multiple larger-than-life foes that were almost as powerful as the main protagonists. This is the reason why though both Vegeta and Frieza were once titular negative characters of the past are now they are key characters in Dragon Ball Super.

Things are always going to go up a notch when you replace the stake of planet Earth and its people with the stake of the multiverse or 12 Earths. Dragon Ball Super took the scale and scope of the series to an unimaginable scale while removing many unnecessary reputations in the previous sagas of Dragon Ball Z.

Moreover, the training and dining with the Gods like complex characters like Beerus and Zampa are always a plus. This is the reason why fans missed such cherished characters in the new iteration and are presently desperately waiting for the new installment of Dragon Ball Super.

How Long Do We Have to Wait for Another Dragon Ball Super Series?

A question that echoes across the minds of all anime lovers that whether there is going to be a new Dragon Ball Super series and to your disappointment officially there has not been an announcement.

But the good news is that the manga has been serialized beyond the last episode of Dragon Ball Super in the form of the Galactic Patrol Prisoner saga and The Moro Arc which can be readily adopted as a new arc or saga in the coming years.

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