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World Trigger Season 2 Release Date, New Visual

World Trigger Season 2
World Trigger Season 2

Hello Guys! We have received some amazing news and it is about World Trigger Season 2. Season 2 of anime was announced back in December 2019 but we haven’t received too many details till now. But, now we have received a new key visual for season 2 and soon we are going to have more details through a special program.

The program scheduled for 30 October 2020 specially for ‘World Trigger’ on the Official Youtube Channel of Toei Animation where they will reveal more details about animation and other stuff.

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World Trigger Season 2 Visual

A visual drawn by Toshihisa Kaiya was released on the official website for the anime.

World Trigger Season 2 Visual
World Trigger Season 2 Visual

World Trigger Season 2 Release date

As of now, we haven’t got any release date yet but we are expecting a release date to be announced on the special program. The program will be is scheduled for October 30.

World Trigger Season 2 Release date has been announced and it will premiere on 9th January, 2021 next year.

The animation is being handled at Toei Animation under the supervision of Director Morio Hatano who previously worked on Dragon Ball Super and Saint Seiya Omega. The previous and current works of Toei Animation studio include One Piece, Dragon Ball Series, Air Gear, etc.

World Trigger is a sci-fi action manga by Daisuke Ashihara which began serialization in 2013 in Weekly Shonen Jump and now is collected in over 22 volumes and still counting.

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