Zeke Yeager’s Secret Plan – Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 14, 15, 16

[Warning: Spoilers ahead!! If you only follow Attack on Titan anime then please read this article at your own risk as it contains spoilers from the manga.]

Zeke Yeager is planning something big with Yelena and other Marleyen volunteers for a long time and it is related to people turning into titan who has consumed his Beast Titan’s spinal fluid in any form either it is in the form of Wine or it is in the form of gas as shown in Season 4 Episode 13.

Zeke Yeager's Secret Plan - Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 14, 15, 16
Zeke Yeager/Attack on Titan Season 4

As we saw in the last episode, Captain Levi has received the news of Premier Zachary’s death and now he is going to follow his own plan that includes eating Zeke and inherit his Beast Titan and after Historia gives birth to her child she will inherit the Beast.

Captain Levi orders the scouts to say this to Commander Pixis and returns to where Zeke is reading a book and orders him to keep doing what he is doing as Levi thinks Zeke can not escape from this forest as 30 highly skilled soldiers are protecting this forest and Zeke can not defeat them even in his Beast Titan form but Zeke’s plan is different.

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The twist is, Zeke starts running in the opposite direction and roars the same as he did in Episode 1 before the Titan Rain. The scenario is somewhat the same as all the guards protecting the forest except Captain Levi turns into titans one after another and falls like raindrops.

Then we got to past and see how Zeke was not fit to become a warrior but he was forced to become one by his parents for the restoration of the Eldian Empire. Later, Zeke exposed his parents to Marleyen Army as Mr. Xaver told him to do.

Zeke Yeager’s Secret Plan

Zeke actually plans to do ‘Eldia’s Euthanasia’ following Mr. Xaver’s dream which means killing all the Eldian people so no one can inherit the nine titans and the world can live in peace without the fear of titans. This will put rest to the current world’s chaos and will lead towards a new world.

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The reason behind the guards turning into titans is the same wine that Nicolo snapped from Jean and Connie in Episode 13. The wine contains Zeke’s spinal fluid and higher-ups at the army are done for as they feel current-like sensation even while Zeke is far away from them. Zeke Yeager has the power to turn them into titans any moment he wants but this power might come in handy in close range.

As for the spoilers, At first Captain Levi is hesitant to kill his own comrades but he can not let Zeke Yeager escape the forest who is using some of the titans to run from the forest. Captain Levi cuts the napes of all abnormal titans surrounding him and goes to fight Zeke Yeager.

Firstly Zeke can not believe that Captain Levi is still alive but then takes his Beast Titan form and throws the bones of a titan at Levi. Captain Levi uses tree branches to trap Zeke as he can not see Levi through them and Captain Levi throws four thunder spears directly to Zeke’s nape destroying the shield covering his nape. As a result, Zeke is badly wounded and Captain Levi drags him away.

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More will be revealed in the upcoming episodes of Season 4 for the series. Attack on Titan or Shingeki no Kyojin or Aot or Snk manga is written by famous mangaka Hajime Isayama and the manga is currently published on monthly basis in Kodansha ComicsBessatsu Shounen Magazine.

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